Coming Home to Yourself ~ Yoga & The Work: Nov 10

w/Bethany Webb

@Temple Road Yoga, Ft. Worth, TX

Saturday, November 10th, 1-4pm




Are you feeling frustrated, depressed, and depleted? Do you spend too much time and energy trying to fix and change your external world, leaving you little to no time for self care? Join Yoga Therapist & Certified Facilitator, Bethany Webb, for a workshop to investigate whose business you are mentally living in when you feel stress, and how to come back to being fully available to yourself, freeing up your time and energy ~ just before the holidays!

The Work of Byron Katie is a simple and profound process of identifying and questioning thoughts that create stress. It’s a way to stretch, open, and unwind the mind to fall in love with reality, just as it is. Through a playful Mind/Body exploration of meditative inquiry AND therapeutic yoga, unravel what blocks you from fully enjoying your beautiful life.

Some benefits from an ongoing practice are:

  • greater sense of inner peace & joy
  • direct experience of yogic principles: oneness, presence, acceptance, non-attachment, and non-judgment
  • deeper relationships with self and others
  • more creativity & clarity in life and work
  • less physical tension in the body
  • trust in a friendly universe

No prior experience is necessary ~ simply bring your stress and an open mind!

“There are 3 types of business: mine, yours, and God’s. The next time you’re feeling stress or discomfort, ask yourself whose business you’re in mentally, and you may burst out laughing! That question can bring you back to yourself.” ~Byron Katie