Pop-Up Online Inquiry Circle: Thursdays

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Are you stuck in the stress of BS (Belief Systems)? Let’s do The Work…

Join our weekly pop-up inquiry circle where you can pop in from anywhere in the world and practice  The Work of Byron Katie in a loving, playful community. Whether it’s stress about health, finances, relationships, self-judgments, fears of the future…it has a home in inquiry.

Our time together will include any combination of the following:

  • Opening meditation to get in touch with your breath, body, emotions, and thoughts.
  • Group check-in to see what stressful beliefs are arising.
  • Individual inquiries with volunteer participants and/or group inquiries.
  • Time for questions, insights, and sharing.

Pop-Up Inquiry Circles

Thursdays, 12-1:30pm MST (Colorado time)

$25/pp or pay what you can

(includes recording)

Whether your are new to The Work or have been questioning your crazy thoughts for years, you are in the perfect place. A few side effects from an ongoing practice of inquiry may include: a greater sense of inner peace + joy, deeper relationships with others and yourself, less physical pain and emotional rollercoasters, more creativity and clarity in life + work, and the ability to be fearless and present to everything life brings.

Sign up now…

Please complete the below form and click on the “register” link for payment. The fee is $25 (or pay what you can) and includes a link to download the recordings. Please note there are no refunds and if you are not able to attend the live session, you can still experience it by downloading the recording. After registering, you’ll receive a Welcome Email with the link to join our inquiry circle via Zoom (a free online app). Questions? Contact me at bethany@bethanywebb.com.Register