Making Peace w/ Disease Online Series: May 7-June 11

The Work of Byron Katie

w/Helena Montelius & Bethany Webb

May 7-June 11

Mondays, 1-2:30pm CST

$179 before April 7, $199 after

10 ITW Credits



“You tell the story of how you are supposed to be stronger or healthier so that you don’t have to know that your condition is perfect.”   ~Byron Katie   

This 6 week on-line class is for those who have, or who live with someone, a chronic condition, life threatening illness or any kind of illness from allergies to cancer to accident injuries to HIV.

During this healing journey we will identify, question and shift:

  • stressful thoughts about our disease
  • fearful thoughts about the future
  • stressful thoughts about medication/treatment
  • blame towards anyone who infected or mistreated you or who is not being supportive
  • universal beliefs around disease and health

You will receive support to find the healing voice within the illness and the part of you that is completely unaffected. Finding the ways in which this condition has been a teacher, guide, catalyst for change and healing path. What if illness happens for your enlightenment?

The curriculum is based on Helena’s healing journey with HIV and Bethany’s experience with cancer. Through inquiry, they both discovered a profound state of freedom, peace, joy, and gratitude for their illnesses. They now live happy, healthy lives and are excited to continue spreading and exploring this work with others.

Sessions will take place on skype from the comfort of your own home. 10 hours of credits for candidates in the ITW certification program. Register online or send a check to send a check to: Look Within Institute, PO Box 137, North San Juan, CA 9596.

Helena was diagnosed with HIV in 2010, after having been mysteriously ill for 2 years. She now lives in peace and complete gratitude for HIV. And in complete health! The Work helped her dissolve all the mental stress, future fears and self-blame and shame that created way more stress than the HIV virus itself. She has since shared this curriculum with hundreds of people and through the Health Department in my county as a service to our local HIV community.

Bethany was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2015 at the age of 34. Inquiry provided a compassionate inner support system throughout treatment as she questioned her thoughts about cancer, medicine, doctors, body image, & fears of the future. Cancer became a wise teacher and a true gift. The side effects of The Work were so heart-opening, peaceful, and exciting ~ she has been inspired to share her experience in her blog, and in cancer support centers.