Self-Love Series: July 19-Aug 23

Ready for a little more self-lovin’ in your life?

It’s time to book your summer inner adventure! A playful, intimate journey into unraveling the BS (Belief Systems) that blocks you from rocking your natural state of peace, joy, and creativity.

Embracing a powerful process of inquiry called The Work of Byron Katie, we will gift ourselves the time and space to meet our challenges, painful emotions, and self-judgments with an open mind and heart. We’ll focus on three areas: relationships, body, and self-criticism.

This 6-week online series includes weekly 90-minute live sessions, inquiry (The Work of Byron Katie), meditation, yoga therapy, partner work, self-love exercises, an engaging online forum, and a loving and supportive community. All sessions are recorded and are yours to keep so you can continue to integrate these healing practices into your life.

It’s my privilege to work with you…

Mindset Coach + Author of My Guru Cancer, my mission is to find freedom with everything life brings. Always intrigued by the relationship between the Mind & Body, I love exploring how our beliefs affect our emotions, physical sensations, and overall health & wellbeing. These tools have provided me with a compassionate inner support system, especially during my current journey healing stage IV breast cancer. It all leads me back to self-love.