​Praise from private sessions, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings…

“I’m fortunate to have been on a lot of life-changing retreats and workshops. And I was blown away by how much clarity, insight and restoration could come in just 2.5 days with these amazing women…Bethany and Susan are incredible. I felt supported and challenged, connected but with plenty of space and quiet for myself to reflect. The food was AMAZING. I loved it and am so grateful for the experience. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

~ Lauren Buck, Yoga Through Lauren

“I highly and with great enthusiasm recommend this retreat!!  Susan and Bethany make great team as they create an intimate setting to dive as deep as you are willing to go.  Having participated in 2 Schools for The Work, I was moved by the way a small group living and dining and inquiring together with time for self inquiry and reflection in a beautiful setting – and with yoga to boot! – supported a much deeper and richer journey than I have thought possible in such a short time.  I enjoyed the giving and receiving and inspiration as we witnessed each other’s work as it unfolded throughout the weekend.  The well thought out curriculum and the skillful teamwork between Susan and Bethany allowed me to relax into The Work and create space and movement and release in a particular area of my life as I discovered the truth of the situation, allowing me to meet myself with understanding and so much tenderness.  I’d sign up again in a heartbeat!!”

~ Chirin

“Everything was wonderful! The retreat brought The Work to life in me. This is just the beginning of a new freedom from my codependant and judgmental thoughts. This is for anyone seeking to change the way they see the world through changing themselves, one thought at a time.”

~ Catherine Clark

“My thoughts no longer control me. I’m able to stay in my own land. As a yoga teacher, I’m now more clear-headed, free, and not so self-conscious.”

~ Anonymous

“Before the retreat I was feeling like I was riding a rollercoaster of emotions and physical sensations. With the skillful and gentle guidance of Bethany and Susan, at the end of the weekend I could feel a shift occur within myself. Susan and Bethany picked the perfect name for this event:  Inner Peace retreat because that’s exactly what I got and more.” 

~ Kelly Meerbott, Leadership Coach, YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc.

“The presenters were very knowledgeable, gentle, helpful and overall delightful. I was able to get clearer about some issues that had been difficult.”

~ Elise Orman, PhD

“Much love to Bethany and Susan for being such badass women and sharing your light with this world.”

~ Megan D

“Bethany is an exceptional yoga teacher. I had been practicing for more than a decade when I met her, and few classes have left me more grounded or present. She’s honest, real and disarming — whether its of physical tension with a hands-on adjustment {a serious talent of hers}, or of stressful beliefs when she facilitates the Work of Byron Katie.”

~ Lauren

“I can honestly say doing The Work of Byron Katie with Bethany has been nothing short of a miracle. All along the answer to my peace was inside of me and sometimes right in front of me. It just needed to be coaxed out of its hiding place with inquiry.”

~ John

“Bethany has been my yoga instructor for almost a decade. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of yoga…much more than teaching poses and alignment. Each practice is a calm, yet energizing experience. She is always in tune with what I need for that practice day. She offers supplemental reading, art and other experiences to help me as a person. I am blessed to have found her and to have her in my life. She has made me a better person.”

~ Nancy

“I’ve taken teacher training for Thai Massage from her. I’ve gone to yoga retreats she has lead. Bethany has the ability to reach out to each individual and go at the speed needed. I’m amazed at her professionalism, her approach to making a living as a yoga teacher is dedicated and total attention to detail. I look up to this woman as one who will go far. her spiritual focus is taking new leaps as she studies under some of the new leaders in this arena. I will follow her anywhere!”

~ Claudia

I have noticed a difference in many aspects of my life since I have been practicing yoga under Bethany’s guidance.  The first change I gratefully noticed was the reduced and often eliminated pain in my neck and shoulders when I practice regularly.  I became more flexible and could bend and move more easily.  Then I started feeling calmer and more at peace.  I quickly began to practice daily because of the positive physical and emotional feelings resulting from yoga.  I am able to do yoga now in a meditative state using my breath and the asanas to take me from the stress of life to a serene state of mind quickly.  I am able to meditate more deeply which brings me in touch with how I want to live my life rather than being strung along in the busyness of life. 

Other Yoga classes seem more like exercise than the physical, mental and spiritual experience it is with Bethany.  Bethany became my yogi, teaching me about the yoga philosophy.  I learned about the chakra system and the link between my emotions and the feelings in my body.  Each asana is carefully explained and monitored to ensure proper alignment to avoid injury.  She challenges me to new levels of difficulty.  She also adjusts each practice to where I am physically, mentally and emotionally at the time of my class.  Each class is different, yet I always feel energized, calm and at peace upon its completion.”

~ Nancy

“One of the major changes in my life since yoga with Bethany is that my lower back pain has diminished tremendously.  I used to live with constant back pain, and now I rarely feel any pain.  

My posture has improved–I have a straighter back and more relaxed shoulders. Also, I pay attention to my body now; I observe how it is feeling. On yoga days, I tend to be a lot more relaxed, especially after class.

 I have taken classes with two other instructors, and realize that Bethany is living Yoga, whereas the other two instructors were there to run through poses.  (There is a huge difference between those who love what they do, and those who are there to make a buck.) Bethany’s attention to her students, their correct postures, as well as their general well-being was absent with these other instructors.  Had I had either of the two instructors as my first experience with yoga, I would not be practicing yoga today. The classes are perfect for the middle of the workday.  I enjoy the journey every time!

~ Rob

“We attended the Yoga Day Retreat this past weekend and had an amazing experience. We had decided to participate in the Yoga and YogArt. We, both being beginners to Yoga, were a little nervous on what we were getting ourselves into. Fortunate to us, we couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Bethany was not only warm and welcoming, but she tailored the experience to meet our level and needs. Bethany added humor and openness to encourage a very peaceful and relaxing experience.”

~ Brad & Lisa

“I just started doing yoga. I have gone to two of Bethanys yoga retreats. Each time she explained how to do yoga moves that made it easy for me to understand and flow with ease. I always feel very relaxed and comfortable when attending her classes. The retreats have helped me to look deeper into understanding myself. I always feel like I benifit greatly from these retreats. I am ready for the next one.”

~ Jennifer

“Bethany has turned our Sunday mornings into delight. Dunya (4) & Egemen (7) wait for her in the morning with such excitement and anticipation. She has nourished our weekends with yoga, art, love, and compassion. We are so thankful!”

~ Ebru

Bethany has lovely energy and a generous spirit. Her instructions are always so clear and helpful. I really enjoy the lavender massage at the end!”

~ Jane

“After class I feel much calmer, I feel taller, and I feel good about myself.  During class, I feel more at peace about the stress I face in my personal life.  Yoga has helped me to remember that you should live for the present and enjoy each day rather than always waiting and worrying about a future event that may or may not happen. I went to another yoga class at a the gym I am a member of and the instructor never came around the class to correct, posture, etc.  Bethany spends time with each member of the class making sure posture is correct and if we are doing a stretch, making sure you’re getting the deepest stretch you can get.”

~ Rachel

“I find myself not wanting class to end! Bethany helps me push beyond the perceived boundaries.”


“After class, I definitely feel like some kind of positive energy has been released throughout my body and I just feel “lighter.” It has really helped to relieve a lot of tension in my back and neck. The only other classes I’ve taken were at a gym and those were miserable…I was just waiting for it to be over the whole time. But with Bethany’s classes, I really enjoy them and never even pay attention to the time!

~ Sherin

“I feel incredibly safe and in good hands. She is very careful, intuitive, and thoughtful.”

~ Lisa

“I absolutely love yoga with Bethany! I always feel so relaxed and calm after class, something I really need since work as an interior designer keeps me really busy. Much of my body pain & aches have also diminished. It’s been a great way to bond with my husband and close friends. It’s so nice to have yoga come to us for a change- all we have to do is walk downstairs!

~ “B”