My Guru Cancer: The Book

So I’m pregnant. With a {book} baby. And I need YOUR help!

In the womb for 5 years…she’s been growing, evolving, both inspiring and terrifying me…and I’m ecstatic to announce her birth THIS SEPTEMBER! I’ve already picked out the sweetest name…

My Guru Cancer: You Don’t Have to Fight to Find True Freedom from the C-Word

A classic Bethany overshare of the ups, downs, and turnarounds of my cancer journey, this boobliography gifts you a roadmap for transforming any nightmare into a blessing. Yes, cancer may have rendered me infertile with two new weird AF boobs, but it’s not stopping me from birthing this book baby into the world.

It takes a village! Will you support me?

Here are 4 ways to start now:

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It’s my hope that everyone finds true freedom from cancer; a freedom that exists with or without cancer cells in the body. If I can do it, anyone can. SO much gratitude for you, for life, and #mygurucancer…stay tuned 🙂