Exploring Mind/Body Workshop ~ Yoga & The Work of Byron Katie: Oct 21

w/Bethany Webb

@Temple Road Yoga, Ft. Worth, TX

Saturday, October 21st, 1-4pm

$50 for newbies, $40 for repeaters



Bodies don’t think, care, or have any problem with themselves. They never beat themselves up or shame themselves. They simply try to keep themselves balanced and healthy. They’re entirely efficient, intelligent, kind, and resourceful. Where there is no thought, there is no problem. It’s the story we believe—prior to doing inquiry—that leaves us confused. ~Byron Katie

Explore how your beliefs shape your experience of your body ~ how it looks, feels, & moves with the support of The Work and a short inquiry-inspired yoga class led by Yoga Therapist & Certified Facilitator, Bethany Webb. The Work of Byron Katie is a simple and profound process of identifying and questioning thoughts that create stress. It’s a way to clear the mind and fall in love with reality, just as it is. Some benefits from an ongoing practice are:

  • greater sense of inner peace & joy
  • direct experience of yogic principles: oneness, presence, acceptance, non-attachment, and non-judgment
  • deeper relationships with self and others
  • more creativity & clarity in life and work
  • less physical tension in the body
  • trust in a friendly universe

Inspired by Bethany’s recent journey with breast cancer, this workshop invites a deep dive into questioning judgments about our bodies ~ who would you be without your story?