Finding Freedom with Pain & Illness: April 20-June 8

What if illness happens for you, not to you?

This 8-week online series is the ultimate inner adventure for anyone who is ready to cultivate a kinder, more peaceful relationship with any diagnosis. Whether it’s cancer, chronic pain, autoimmune disorder, mental illness – it has a home in our wonderful community.

As a stage IV cancer thriver, I completely understand how a diagnosis can rock your world – it can impact every aspect of life: body, relationships, work, play…it can feel like quite the rollercoaster! This curriculum is based on how I free myself from the mental and emotional pain, creating a life that is full of self-love, adventure, connection, and joy. I now say my cancer diagnosis is to “live the f*ck out of life”! Mindset is everything for me.

The heartbeat of our journey is a powerful mindfulness practice called The Work of Byron Katie. We will focus on identifying, questioning and shifting painful BS (belief systems):

  • Stressful thoughts about our illness
  • Fearful stories about the future
  • Judgments about medication, doctors, treatment
  • Frustration in unsupportive relationships
  • Self-criticism that creates shame and guilt
  • Universal beliefs around disease and health

What if it’s possible to be at peace regardless of what you’re your body is going through? Discover the ways in which this condition has been a teacher, a gift, and a catalyst for transformation, self-growth, and unconditional love. Plus we “sick people” tend to have a lot of laughter and fun! Our 8 sessions will take place online via Zoom so you can join from the comfort of your home. Also included are guided healing meditations, gentle yoga practices, an active online Facebook forum, partner work, and a loving community. 

8-Week Online Series

April 20-June 8

Wednesdays, 12-1:30pm MST (Colorado Time) 

$349 (50% off for repeaters)

It’s my privilege to work with you…

img_3783-1As a Mindset Coach, Author, and Cancer Thriver, my mission is to find freedom with everything life brings. Always intrigued by the relationship between the Mind & Body, I love exploring how our beliefs affect our emotions, physical sensations, and overall health & wellbeing. These tools have provided me with a compassionate inner support system, especially during my current journey healing stage IV breast cancer. My greatest passion is helping others find the same freedom from pain and illness through online classes, coaching, and my book baby: My Guru Cancer.