My Guru Cancer: The Book

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Three words Bethany never thought her 34-year-old, healthy, organic-eating, wellness-teaching yogini body would ever hear? “You have cancer.” Even more shocking?

She was excited.

Crafted as a compassionate companion for anyone facing the C word, My Guru Cancer is the inspirational story of a woman who dares to drop the fight, welcoming breast cancer into her life as a wise teacher of self-growth, love, and gratitude.

In this down-to-earth, funny, and heartfelt confessional, join Bethany on her two-year journey into remission as she applies the practical tools of inquiry to meet each challenge: diagnostic testing, treatment, losing body parts, finances, relationships, emotional exorcisms, and the fear of death.

Go beyond simple positive thinking and learn how to cultivate a healing mindset that transforms any nightmare into a blessing, creating a life of laughter and peace. True freedom from cancer is a state of mind. And you don’t have to go to war or wait until you’re pronounced “cancer-free” to find it.