Medical Updates

Medical Update

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There has been a lot of movement over the past few weeks! On January 21st, we met with the breast surgeon and confirmed that I have all 3 surgery options: lumpectomy, mastectomy, double mastectomy. The surgeon was overwhelmingly excited about my breast MRI results, and I learned that even though my response to chemo has been amazing at shrinking the tumors, she still needs to take out all of the tissue that was originally affected by the cancer. This means the lumpectomy (my original preference) would be rather large and noticeable. Click here to read more about my appointment with the surgeon.

I have been in “information gathering” mode as well as “sitting with myself in stillness and compassion” mode (which yes, has involved a lot of tears). Last week I had a consultation with the plastic surgeon; this week we’ll meet with another breast surgeon for a 2nd opinion, and I will continue to speak with other women who have been faced with the same decision. Although I don’t know which option I will choose (or which option will choose me), I trust that at some point something will stand out as a clear YES.

Remember those fun little cysts on my ovaries? This month, I will have another ultrasound and follow-up visit to confirm that they have either shrunken or disappeared. In the VERY unlikely chance they have gotten larger, Dr. Oh (yes, that’s my gynecologist’s name!) may recommend surgery. I envision them gone 🙂

I am in my 5th and final month of chemo ~ only 4 more sessions to go and let me tell you, I am ready! My symptoms continue to be manageable, plus my hair is starting to grow back in the form of fuzzies! Because my WBC (white blood count ~ oh yeah, I’m getting these medical terms down) has been low, the oncologist asked me to skip chemo for a week so that my body can build its immunity back up. This is normal for chemo patients yet feels strange because I feel great! I have re-scheduled my weekly acupuncture to be the day before chemo to help boost my count. Assuming I don’t need to skip any additional weeks, my last chemo day will be March 2nd. Hearing that bell ring….

It was so awesome having my mom in town for a few weeks in January and then my Dad joined her for 5 days. Sound healing & yoga with Mom, acupuncture with Dad, a fun trip to Living Waters for wedding dress shopping with Emma, and time to just chill and be. I am continuing to follow the same diet plus fish & eggs and now 2 daily green juices (instead of 1). And I just finished my 1st “cancer” painting that I will share soon! I love nurturing this little vessel every way that I can.

Something new and fun is that I have started a monthly inquiry circle in Dallas for The Work of Byron Katie. We had our 1st meeting on Sunday and we’ll continue to meet the 1st Sunday of every month. Please join us if you’re in the area! Unfortunately, I made a tough decision to postpone May’s Inner Peace Retreat (Yoga + The Work) so that I can give my full attention to my body in post-surgery recovery. Once this treatment plan is complete, I will be “sharing the crap” out of The Work in many ways: workshops, class series, and retreats.

PS ~ you can always find the latest medical update here:

That’s it for now! xoxo

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