Welcome to My Guru Cancer Blog

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VideoScreenShotThis blog is dedicated to sharing my journey healing breast cancer. It will serve as a sort of “online journal” for progress, updates, inner & outer work, struggles, enlightening realizations, & more.

Join me on this adventure from pre-diagnosis to the cure…through all of the ups, downs, & turnarounds.

On September 16th, 2015, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer called Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (fancy name, eh?). I am young, healthy, and have no family history of breast cancer, so this news came as a big surprise! Watch this video to learn a little more about how I am handling this diagnosis.

I have chosen a path of healing that integrates traditional & alternative medicine ~ the perfect path for me. I feel incredibly blessed to already be fully equipped with incredible healing tools ~ The Work of Byron Katie (self-inquiry), Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Art, Acupuncture, Humor, & best of all…the Loving Support of Family & Friends. I’ve recently discovered the power of writing & a burning desire to share it…so here we are.

I am not here to fight cancer. I am here to make friends with it, listen to it, learn from it, evolve & grow. What if illness happens for our enlightenment? What if it makes our life even better? I am already learning so much from my new guru, Cancer: CRHeartSeated

  • People are kind.
  • Unconditional love does exist.
  • I am fully supported in every moment.
  • The cancer in my head (ie- my imagination) is way worse than the cancer in reality. Whew.

The universe doesn’t just pour a pile of shit on your head; there’s a bigger calling at work here and I’m open to fully experiencing it. Like Byron Katie says, “Life happens for you, not to you.” Here we go!

With Love,


How to navigate this blog

This Welcome Post will remain at the top of the page and the rest of the posts will be ordered by “most recent” at the top. Here is the complete list of posts in chronological order:

Blog Posts

Pre-diagnosis: a Lump & an Angel

By Request: Alternative & Complimentary Therapies for My Breast Cancer Treatment Plan

The Mammo & Ultrasound…I will finally know! Or not.

How I found Peace during “The Waiting Game”

Getting the Call ~ “You have Cancer”

Part 1: Meeting with the Breast Surgeon right after Diagnosis

Part 2: Meeting with the Breast Surgeon for Surgery Options

Medical Update

Inquiry: “The Cancer is spreading ~ is it true?”

The Future of My Boobs (FOMB)

Update: Post-Chemo & Pre-Surgery

Gratitude, Elephants, & Going Potty ~ my experience of breast surgery

Self-Discovery while in Recovery

The Gift of a Butterfly

When Complications Become Blessings

BIG UPDATE! Post-treatment Life of Awesomeness

A Different Kind of Breast Cancer Awareness

All Natural Remedies for Chemo Side Effects

What if Fear is just a Fart?

Inquiry: “Chemo is poisonous to my body” ~ is it true?

Life with Tissue Expander Boobs

Update ~ Prepping for the Last Hoorah: Breast Reconstruction

Meeting BIG Emotions in the Cancer Journey

Follow-ups, the Boob Whisperer, Clear Scans, & Summer Fun

Diagnosis = New Direction

Diagnostic Testing without Stressing

Conventional vs. Alternative Medicine ~ can’t we all just get along?

You Can Have Cancer & Be Happy

HOW would you LIVE if you knew you were dying?

Are you eating Fear or Peace?

The Work of Byron Katie & Cancer

Update: Boobieversary, Cancer Camp, Retreats, & Book

How to Clear Cancer BS and Enjoy the Ride


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