The Work

I am so honored to share with you a form of self-inquiry that truly is “Yoga for the Mind.” It is something that has completely transformed my life and continues to give me a direct path to inner peace in any stressful situation. The Work is a simple and profound process of identifying stressful thoughts and questioning them. It’s a way to clear the mind and fall in love with reality, just as it is. The Work consists of 4 questions and turnarounds.


The questions are:

  1. Is it True?
  2. Can you absolutely know it’s true?
  3. How do you react, what happens when you believe that thought?
  4. Who would you be without the thought?

The turnarounds are a way to look at the original stressful thought from different perspectives. There are 3 or more ways to turn the thought around: to the self, other, and opposite. For example, if I am believing the stressful thought, “he doesn’t appreciate me.” I see the following turnarounds and would find at least 3 examples for each.

To the self: “I don’t appreciate me.”

To the other: “I don’t appreciate him.”

To the opposite: “He does appreciate me.” 

I’ve been a student of The Work since 2009 and at first, I didn’t think it was possible for something so simple to be the answer to all of my suffering. So I started to test it out over and over and over again – in all of my relationship issues, health, self-judgments, work, sex, food, judgments about corporations, god, even small things like traffic, lawnmowers, & ATM machines. So far, there is nothing The Work can’t handle. What I realize is that it’s not the person or situation that brings me stress ~ it’s what I’m believing about them that creates my suffering. Some benefits I experience from an ongoing practice of The Work are:

  • a greater sense of inner peace and joy
  • direct experience of yogic principles such as oneness, presence, non-attachment, and non-judgment
  • less reactive, more open-minded
  • deeper relationships with others and myself
  • less tension in my body, decreased physical pain
  • fearless approach to experiencing illness, such as cancer
  • the ability to see how life happens for me, not to me
  • more creativity and clarity in life and work
  • more compassion, gratitude, and acceptance
  • more energy, less emotional roller coasters

The Work is my go-to peace tool for dealing with stress around my recent breast cancer diagnosis, treatment plan, and life after treatment. Inquiry has taught me a completely different perspective on pain & illness: it’s here FOR me. It’s my guru; a teacher of unconditional love, compassion, and presence. Something I once thought would be my worst nightmare has become my greatest blessing. Follow my cancer wellness blog to learn more about this journey.

With this work, I continue to find that reality is always kinder than the stories in my head. Whew! I still continue to explore The Work on a daily basis and I have yet to find a stressful situation where The Work doesn’t serve me. Do I still experience stress? Yes. The difference is now I know what to do with it ~ it feels like I have the most compassionate inner support system. And please don’t believe me at all, I invite you to test it out for yourself.

do The Work with me

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